New Book Helps Business Owners Find Joy in Their Work

Matt Ward’s new book The High-Five Effect is a groundbreaking business book that will especially be welcomed by seasoned business owners who are still operating from a startup mentality.Matt begins by discussing the different stages of a business owner’s life: survival stage, security stage, discovery stage, and respect stage. He clarifies how to determine what stage you are in and then how to move into the next stage. As an owner of several businesses himself over the last couple of decades, he knows these stages very well. He understands that when we first go into business, we are so desperate that we will say yes to any client and do just about anything to keep their business. He understands how this dedication leads to working long hours, giving up time with family and friends, losing sleep, and ultimately, having our passion and joy for our business decline.Instead, for Matt, being in business should be about experiencing joy. The book’s title reflects that his greatest desire is to experience such a level of joy in his business and in his business relationships that he will want to be high-fiving his clients. But to achieve that goal, a business owner has to shift from being in the survival stage to the respect stage where they learn to respect themselves. They have to come to the same realization that Jason Cutter, business owner and author of the book’s foreword, came to. Jason states:”Over the last two years, I have realized two things: 1) I know I can provide massive value to my client’s business, and when I do my job correctly, I should get compensated well for it; and 2) Life is too short to do things you hate. And life will feel really long and painful if you have to do business with people you don’t like.”Matt wrote this book to help small business owners have such realizations and then move from a business that creates anxiety and controls them to a more fulfilling business that includes greater joy.Finding that joy requires working through five phases. Matt devotes a section of the book to each phase: assess, value, identify, strengthen, and engage. I won’t discuss all of them here, but they begin with assessing where your business is currently so you can determine where you want to go. By working our way through these phases, we can find more time and freedom, earn more money doing what we do best, feel joy in what we are doing, and create relationships with the kinds of clients we enjoy doing business with.Personally, I felt the discussion about finding the right clients was alone worth my time investment in this book. Matt defines the different types of clients, the warning signs of bad clients, including surprisingly but wisely the importance of listening to your intuition and gut, how to have difficult conversations with clients that can help them become better clients, and how to value yourself and your services so that others will value you and you will follow your joy and not just the money.Much of this process also has to do with learning to value ourselves rather than just doing what we have to do to make money. When we come to value ourselves and overcome the imposter syndrome-the questioning ourselves and our worth, especially when unreasonable clients complain-we can become confident business owners who do not let anyone take advantage of us.The High-Five Effect is a refreshing voice among all the business books that too often teach us how to hustle to make a living, but not how to be true to ourselves and what we most need in life. Ultimately, being a business owner is not just about business transactions and pleasing customers; it is about developing a lifestyle that will make us happy. It’s easy to lose sight of that initial goal as our business grows and takes over our lives, but Matt Ward brings us back to ground zero-our personal happiness is more important than any business-and shows how balance can be found. The High-Five Effect is the perfect place to start to find or rekindle the passion and joy that made you go into business in the first place.

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Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for Seniors

The decision to take an aging parent to an assisted living facility will be the only alternative left for people that have tight working schedules and families of their own and lack a caregiver to meet the needs of their parents. Assisted living facilities offer care for senior citizens that need help in daily activities such as bathing dressings, cooking and even medication. It is crucial to talk to parents about an assisted living facility to find out how they feel about it before enrolling them.The challenge lies in identifying suitable assisted living facilities due to their high numbers. People that have opted to take their loved ones to an assisted living facility should check out the following aspects.

When looking for an assisted living facility for seniors, it is crucial to check out its location. This is essential since it will determine whether family and friends of the senior citizens will access the areas with ease. Some assisted living facilities are located in remote areas while others are urban areas so people should weigh the options and take their loved one in facilities that will meet their needs. It is crucial to find out whether the assisted living facilities have experienced team of nurses, nutritionists among other service providers that will care for the senior citizens. People should also check on the aspect of the staff-to-resident ratio since some assisted living facilities have a large staff while others are understaffed.Suitable assisted living facilities should have large staff since they will provide more attention to the residents.

People should also check out the amenities, activities, and services that will be offered in an assisted living facility before enrolling their aging parents. Suitable assisted living facilities should have spacious private rooms that will guarantee comfort to the senior citizens as well as recreational and entertainment options since they promote the well- being of the senior citizens. The security and safety of the senior citizens are of paramount importance so people should check on the safety features that have been put in place at the facility before registering their parents. It is crucial to tour the apartment and checkout for potential hazards such as ridges on the floor since they pose a tripping risk. Suitable assisted living facilities should install surveillance camera s for surveillance purposes.

Before taking an aging parent in an assisted living facility, it is prudent to check on the quality of the food that will be offered at the facility. Suitable assisted living facilities should provide healthy meals to the resident since it minimizes the chance of lifestyle diseases such as obesity since senior citizens are limited in undertaking physical exercise. People should find out whether an assisted living facility for the senior is licensed before operating the business. The availability of the licenses proves its legitimacy in business and this will instill confidence among the residents. It is crucial to inquire about the cost involved in an assisted living facility since the rates vary from one facility to another.

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